5 Reasons to Buy All-in-One Desktop PC

All-in-One Desktop PC

5 Reasons to Buy All-in-One Desktop PC Everything is better when it’s all-in-one. Computers, for one, have become a necessity these days. And as we have all become spoiled and used to everything being thin and portable – computers ought to change from the large, bulky machines that they were when they first came out. They practically took up a whole room! The computer, as we know it now, is a far cry from what it used to be. Nearly every home has a computer, and these computers are faster, thinner, and more powerful than before. One such type of personal computer that’s gaining ground is the all-in-one PC. Here’s why:

  1. Who needs a monitor? – As the term “all-in-one” suggests, everything is included – there is no need to purchase a separate peripheral. All the components of All-in-one PCs are contained in the retail box. Which means that it is possible to take the box back to your place and just plug and play! You won’t need to buy any additional parts, apart from extras like printers and scanners; the computer is equipped to perform basic functions like surf the internet and create documents.
  2. Space friendly – Unlike ancient computers, all-in-one PCs is take up very little space. In some cases, it’s even possible to mount the monitor on the wall, leaving your desk free for other activities. For those who live in small apartments or offices with a small space, this particular feature means a lot.
  3. Less Power Consumption – And consequently, reduced heat generation. One way manufacturers save on space when designing all-in-one PCs is by using laptop components or similar technology, allowing these types of PCs to take advantage of the benefits of laptops, without sacrificing computing power. Moreover, the components inside generate less heat. Which simply means great savings – in terms of both cost for powering the PC and keeping workspaces cool. It’s also very environment-friendly!
  4. Easy to Use – As indicated previously, all-in-one computers are all about plugging it into the wall and turning it on. Additionally, all-in-one computers are designed a way such that the ports are located in reachable places, and so, it’s easy to connect peripherals and accessories. Apart from easy setup, the all-in-one PC is designed to be as user-friendly as it gets.
  5. Other reasons you must go for an all-in-one – Some features that are absent in Desktops are incorporated in these. One such feature that is fast becoming the standard for all-in-one computers is the much-loved touchscreen. Touchscreen all-in-one PCs allow users to interact with the computer right on the screen with their fingers or a stylus – just like it works with mobile phones these days. Some even incorporate multi-touch screens, allowing users to manipulate the screen with a pinch, rotate, and scroll two-finger commands similar to tablets. For those looking for a full media center, there are all-in-one PCs that feature HD tuners, remote controls, and even motion controllers to play video games!

So get updated, since all-in-one PCs are all that are lacking in your life.

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