6 Features To Consider Before Buying a Newer Laptop

Newer Laptop

6 Features To Consider Before Buying a Newer Laptop When looking at buying a new laptop, it’s important to know what all the specs mean. A lot of people don’t really know what all of the technical things are and just buy a laptop based off design and price, but this is NOT the way to go! You want to make sure that your laptop will be powerful and strong enough for what you need. So take a look through these important technical features before buying so you know you are getting what you need!



The CPU is the main brain of the computer, and the better the CPU, the better the performance and battery life of the laptop. When it comes to the best, Intel’s Core systems run the best. If you are gaming or using heavy software on your laptop, you will want to definitely get a higher end CPU in your laptop to make sure you have the power to run your programs, but if you are only using it for light work, you may not need to spend the extra cash on a better processor. This is up to you though!



Your RAM is the memory inside your laptop, and generally, no laptops or notebooks have under 4GB of RAM. You can upgrade this to 8GB or 16GB, depending on how many high-end applications or games you are running. Obviously, again, the bigger, the more expensive, but the better it will run. If you are using your laptop for light work, you can easily get by with 4GB of RAM, but don’t go under this!


Hard Drive

The hard drive is where you will store all of your information on your computer. Most of the time, you want to go for speed over size, though size can be appealing. Once upgrading size, the prices don’t change too much, but speed is where it will. Make sure you have a fast hard drive in your computer especially if you plan on doing a lot of heavy work. This will make everything just run much faster!



The screen is very important to think about while buying a laptop because this is your eye to the information. The higher the pixel count, the sharper the image will look because you can fit more onto the screen. If you will be watching movies, looking through photos or just want a better view, upgrade the screen resolution. Of course, the more expensive and higher-end laptops come standard with great screens as it is, so think about how important this will be to you.



Connectivity is important for your external usage. Most larger laptops come with a CD drive, USB ports and more, but some of the smaller ones like the MacBook Air, lack these features. Some laptops have HDMI ports, which are great for hooking up easily to a TV, and memory card slots are important for loading photos from a camera or phone. Look through all of the ports and options for connecting the laptop up and make sure you will be able to feed your needs.


Other Features

Look through all of the other features on the laptop. Sometimes, here lies a gold mine and others, it is the downfall of the laptop. Maybe it is a very light weight, making it questionable on reliability or maybe it’s the battery life, but make sure you look into all of the extra features.

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