Affordable 10-inch Android Tablets

Android Tablets

Affordable 10-inch Android Tablets

Tablets are growing in today’s technological culture because of their affordable prices and awesome features. There are two main types of tablets according to size, and these are obviously the small and the large. Most of the larger tablets come standard with a 10.1-inch touch screen. Today, we are going to talk about 5 great 10-inch tablets with really great features and affordable prices for the buyer on a budget!


Linx 10

For a Windows based tablet, the Linx 10 is one of the best tablets with a bigger size for the price. This tablet has a great build and connectivity power while keeping a low price to be affordable by all. The Linx 10 can be valued at around $250, which of course is not the cheapest you can get a tablet for, but for the size and power of this machine, it’s very worth the price!


ASUS Transformer TF103c

Keeping the affordable price of around $200, the ASUS Transformer TF103c is just what it sounds like: a transformer. This tablet comes with an attachable keyboard and has the ability to detach from the keyboard and work as a solo machine with just the on screen keys. This is great for anyone who plans on using the tablet as a singular computer rather than a game/music/email machine. For a tablet hybrid, this is a very affordable price for all the features and the unique build.


Lenovo A10-70

With a great battery life and a beautiful screen, the Lenovo A10-70 claims the spot of another really great 10-inch tablet at a very affordable price. Hovering around $250, the Lenovo A10-70 has great software and hardware features, complete with a micro SD card slot and a micro USB port. For a great all in one tablet that acts like a small laptop, this is totally worth the price.


Toshiba Encore 2 WT10-A-102

Another Windows based tablet, the Toshiba Encore 2 WT10-A-102 is a great tablet for anyone who wants to go big and perfected. With great reviews, this tablet has a great battery life alone with many outside features like a micro USB port, micro SD slot and an HDMI port. The Toshiba Encore 2 WT10-A-102 is one of the more affordable tablets on this list, coming in at around $175. The great features and wonderful look and design are definitely worth the price, and the brand is one you can trust.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

This 10.1” tablet is a great ideal for anyone who has the Samsung Galaxy cell phones because the interface is EXACTLY the same. Though more expensive than any others on this list, this nearly $300 unit is made with great reliability by a great brand that knows what they are doing. These tablets have a great running with buyers and people generally seem to love them. As well as their brand reliability, the tablet itself has great visual and software features with a lot of potential for use. They are easy-to-use and packed full of things to do.


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