Dell XPS 13

If you’re looking for a super-compact Ultrabook that gives you superior punch for your buck, consider the Dell XPS 13 (2015 edition). This 13-inch Ultrabook is lean and mean and has been engineered by Dell to fit its 13-inch screen in an 11-inch chassis giving it an insanely small footprint.

Also insanely small with this ultrabook is its weight. Weighing in at 2.6 pounds, you won’t break your back or shoulder toting this ultraportable machine around.

The battery life is also incredible with the XPS 13. Lasting 12 hours on a battery charge on the non-touch-screen version gives you plenty of time to complete your project at the last minute or give that important presentation for the CEO.

Powered by a Core i5 processor, the XPS 13 boasts a vivid, full-HD display that is sure to exceed your expectations.

And if you are looking for something a little higher end, the XPS 13 also comes in a touch-screen version giving you the best of the tablet experience with the power and performance of a laptop.


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