Differences Between Ultrabooks, Laptops and Convertible Laptops

hybrid laptopsLaptops are the world’s leading design in computers for every day, business and school use because of their compact shape, lightweight and usability. Laptops range from different price ranges to different designs to fit your needs exactly. The three main types people use regularly are laptops, convertible laptops and ultra books. Today, we are talking about the differences between these three great products, and their pros and cons to design, price and uses.

Ultrabooks is a word created by Intel for their version of a laptop computer, which refers to specific specifications which makes them different from other laptops. The design and specs are a big part about what makes an Ultra book and Ultra book. They have the ability to flip back and forth to turn into a conventional laptop and then a standing tablet. They are very thin and versatile which makes them very nice to move around on the go. They are more expensive than some other general laptops, usually ranging from $1000-$2000.

General laptops are computers that are portable for travelling and moving, while they also have the power to work like a regular desktop computer. Laptops can be very thin or very chunky, depending on brands, sizes and specs. They flip open one-way, pulling the screen up from the keyboard to create a monitor/keyboard mix when on. People often lump all other versions of laptops in with the term “laptop” though this is not necessarily true. Notebooks, Ultrabooks and Convertible laptops are all quite different from regular laptops, as you will see throughout this article. Laptops can range from rather inexpensive to quite expensive depending on brands, versions and specs. They can usually range from $200-$2500.

Convertible Laptops/Hybrid Laptops
A convertible laptop is a newer version of common computer that can transform into a tablet for easier transportation and mobile computing. Through the data input methods, you can use a hybrid laptop as either a tablet or computer by having the actual keyboard or an on screen touch screen keyboard. The screens can be rotated, moved or flipped in order to fix the monitor to a different view for different playing purposes. Prices can be quite expensive with convertible laptops ranging from $400-$1500.

Knowing these differences are important when thinking about buying or replacing a computer because it all depends on what you will use it for, what you want to do with it and how expensive it can be.

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