Five Gadgets For Dads

Creative Aurvana X-Fi Noise Canceling Headphones

Five Gadgets For Dads Becoming a new dad brings tons of happiness and anxiety and nervousness and joy and what not. Nevertheless, it also drops a bomb on responsibilities on you – Responsibilities never before experienced. Sure you are going to have to learn how to change diapers and put the baby who refuses to stop crying to sleep. But since everything is advanced and taken care of by the technology now, you needn’t worry. You chose a nice time to become a dad. Fortunate for you, there is a “Digital” solution to almost everything nowadays. Here are some of our favorite picks from gadgets for new dads, to ease their trouble and save parenthood from being the nightmare he had heard his friends talk about:

  1. Single Cup French Press – Dad needs his coffee to get through the day. And amidst the diaper changing shifts and bottle preparing times – he hardly gets time to fetch his coffee or have mom prepare it for him! The Minibru Coffee Press Mug will brew a single cup of French-press Coffee in the blink of an eye!
  2. Philips AVENT Baby Monitor with Temperature and Humidity Sensors and New Eco Mode – Baby monitors are amazingly helpful. This one though has additional features in addition to tracking the intensity level of baby’s cries (LED lights flash to alert you when the sound reaches or exceeds a certain level), the AVENT DECT monitor also reports on room temperature, puts your baby to sleep by playing soothing music, and also displays the time. The most helpful feature being the two-way speaker. This allows you to talk back to baby so you can calm him even when you and the mom are not in the room!
  3. The Withings Smart Baby Monitor – Excuse our obsession with baby monitors, but these are the one thing that dads are willing to pay a pretty dollar for! This one works with dad’s iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to let him keep an eye on (zoom, night vision) the little one, listen in, play baby lullabies, talk soothingly from across the house or even while you’re both out on a date, activate a nightlight and get text alerts for motion, sound and temperature changes!
  4. Noise reducing headphones – For the sake of sanity, both parents should get their fair share of a little time to themselves every…two days? Even if it is just an hour, they thank God. These babies should do the trick and help dad relax.
  5. Battery Bank – Often dads forget in all the chaos before a road trip to charge and/or carry the chargers for their iPads or mobile phones. These could spare you from a long car ride which may end up with the baby; crying uncontrollably because his cartoons were ended halfway…, and the dads crying as a consequence!

There you have it. So many things to fix so many things. Nevertheless, you are still going to have to give doodie duty – there has been no technological advancement in that department. Bummer.

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