Five Things to Look For in an Android Phone

 Android Phone

Five Things to Look For in an Android Phone They keep our secrets all to themselves, are there for us whenever we miss a loved one who’s away from us, actually, are there for us at all times and don’t ask for anything in return! Yes, you guessed it. Let’s face it- hands down, we need our phones like we need oxygen – constantly, and without any glitches.

We all get psyched when we’re about to purchase a new phone! Oh the brand new look and feel, different features and what not. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to KNOW exactly what you want your new phone to do for you. Even though your first priority may be for your phone to look trendy and even more costly than it really is, you have more things to pay attention to. The Android has been around for almost a decade now. And a lot has changed since the beginning. Here are the five key consideration points to look for when buying an android phone:

  1. Carriers – To your surprise perhaps, selecting a carrier may be more important than selecting a phone! In spite of everything, the most luxurious, best-reviewed Android phone isn’t going to be of use if its carrier’s service doesn’t work well where you need it the most. Surprisingly, even the huge, national carriers have glitches in their coverage areas, and you are really out of luck in case that one of the dead spots is where your home or workplace is! So before you get your heart set on a specific Android phone, find out which carriers will work best for you. Take help from your acquaintances!
  2. Software Versions – The Android OS has been updating a tad more regularly recently, and these updates come with all sorts of perks—so when you go phone shopping, make sure the phones you’re looking at are on the newest version of Android you can find. This can affect the functionality and performance of your android phone a great deal.
  3. 4G services – Thank Lord for the 4G. If your android supports the newer, high-speed 4G networks, you are on the right track. Know that not all Android phones support 4G. So look for one that does.
  4. Battery life – Because everyone wants a phone that works for long hours at good speeds. How to confirm if what you’re going for is it? Generally, the bigger the screen is, the more battery issues you are going to face. In fact, it is not just and only about how big the screen, the type of screen also matters in this case. If you like having a phone with heavy specifications, know that those 4 processors in high end phones are going to drain your battery very quickly when you are enjoying your gaming sessions. Also, take a look at the “size” of the battery too, as not all phones ship with the same size battery. Digital camera batteries with higher “mAh” values supposedly last longer without requiring a recharge!
  5. Updates – Like most people, if your priority is to buy a phone that will get the newest and best Android updates as they arrive, then a Nexus phone is your way to go. Irrespective of the manufacturer, the Nexus device always gets updates directly from Google earliest. Also, the older the phone is, the less likely it is to receive updates. Additionally, some OEMs are better at providing updates than others. Most Android phones still provide Android Gingerbread, although both Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Android Jelly Bean are readily available.

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