Laptop PC Storage Explained – HDD, SSD, Hybrid

SSD vs HDD vs Hybrid

Sometimes when looking at the specifications on any laptop, it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what everything means. Though this information is important, many people have no clue what it means, and buy a laptop based on design or price instead of the specs, which is not good. It’s important to know the sizes of the storage specifically, because it tells you how much you can do with your laptop and how much storage you have on it. There are three main types of storage drives, including HHD, SSD and Hybrid.

SATA hard drive
An HDD is a hard disk drive, which is a spinning hard drive within a laptop that have a magnetic coating that will store all your data on your computer. This is the data will not be deleted upon turning off the computer. Basically, there are small platters that spin when the laptop is on and the magnetic coated data is read by a small arm that zips across the platters as they spin. You can get a new HDD for around $50-$100.

Solid state drive
An SSD is a solid state disk, which works quite the same as an hard disk drive, but rather than a magnetic coating where the data is stores, it is stored in memory chips that runs the data even when there is no power to the laptop. Though they are built similar, SSD’s are much faster and more reliable than regular USB or other memory drives as they are built for more intense working. The technology of a SSD is much more recent than HDD’s. They are also more expensive, ranging from double what a HDD can sell for: $100-$200.

Hybrid hard drive
A hybrid storage drive is a combination of an HDD and an SSD. Having a design that runs with both kinds of disks makes a hybrid unit have much better performance and speed compared to either an SSD or HDD. Basically, a hybrid storage drive has both a hard disk along with a flash memory section. The flash section is where most of the commonly accessed information is stored, as well as most of the work being done. Hybrid storage drives are much faster while having a lower power usage level, which makes the battery life longer and the operating noise much lower. A hybrid storage drive is much more expensive than either an HDD or an SSD because you get the advantages of both systems. Hybrid storage drives can range from $200-$400.

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