Simple Tips for Choosing a Gaming Laptop

Simple Tips for choosing a gaming laptop

Simple Tips for choosing a gaming laptop – Possibly the most obvious decision you need to make when shopping for a gaming laptop is the graphics cards. For the casual gamers who like the simpler games, integrated graphics are fine. If you’re camping out at BestBuy for the newest release, integrated graphics won’t cut it. You can find single or dual GPU graphics subsystems on gaming laptops to create a visually stunning and thrilling gaming experience.

You should also consider the processor. If you can afford it and want the best of the best, go for a six or eight core Intel i7 processor. Another valid option is a high-end AMD 10. The next step down would be an AMD8 or quad-core Intel i5 that will serve its purpose. Going with a lower processor will impact your laptop’s performance, but also allows you to spread that part of your budget to other areas.

Another performance killer is a lack of memory. For high-level gaming, you will want to shoot for 32GB of RAM if you are a hardcore gamer and demand the best from your machine. Less-intense gamers can get away with as little at 8GB of RAM, but going any lower than that will have serious consequences for your gaming experience. Solid State Drives can also greatly impact your gaming experience. You can go with a smaller SSD if you rebuild between games or a larger SSD if you keep multiple games for longer periods of time.

The screen size for a gaming laptop is typically 11 to 18 inches. Feel free to go bigger for higher resolution, but realize that a bigger screen means bigger chassis, which means heavier laptop. You also need to consider how you plan to transport your laptop. Some laptop backpacks and bags only fit up to a certain size. You don’t want to be stuck with an expensive laptop and carry it through the rain because it is too big for your bag.

Other accessories to consider along with your bag are high-quality headphones, portable speakers, and a high-end ergonomic and responsive optical mouse and keyboard. Bluetooth accessories are always popular to keep your ports free for other connections.

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